Reason #64 - The plight of Facebook’s only other Mark Zuckerberg

A lot of people say that they would love to be Mark Zuckerberg and their admiration for his ingenuity, easy smile and tousled locks (please excuse me, I’m trying not to get sued here…) is understandable. However, people never specify exactly which Mark Zuckerberg they’re referring to.
Yes, there are actually two Mark Zuckerbergs on Facebook and I can’t say that I would swap places with the other guy, a bankruptcy lawyer from Indianapolis who told Associated Press in 2011 that he receives over 500 Facebook friend requests each day.
In fact, I’m amazed he still bothers with the site at this stage. I’m not just referring to the daily hassle of being mistaken by idiots who confuse you with your billionaire namesake; I’m referring to the fact that Zuck 2.0 was actually deleted by Facebook – twice.    
Facebook's policy is to bar any false pages or names, which means that the second Zuckerberg was barred from the site for the second time in May 2011 before reappearing once more.
Zuckerberg also told Associated Press that although he had 400 friends, compared to the creator's 13 million+ ‘subscribers’; the lawyer had received emails from strangers thanking him for helping them find their lost relatives.        
The namesake had previously been barred from the site over two years ago and underwent a four-month battle to prove his identity, sending the site his passport, driver's license and bar number to prove his identification. That’s dedication to the Facebook cause right there.
Surely though, if your name is Mark S Zuckerberg then the last thing in the world you'd want to do is to log into Facebook and get tormented by strangers? Maybe sign up to MySpace instead? No one will bother you there.
If Mark S is reading this then I want to know that I feel his pain. Granted, there is no other famous Emmet Purcell – to the best of my knowledge – but I hope the less vaunted Zuckerberg can console himself to the fact that there is genuinely a Floridian Facebook user named Justin Bieber – a grown man – who has to fight off a short-sighted hysterical female following on a daily basis.

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