Reason #1 - Huge numbers of people gather together on Facebook to form the most pointless of groups

So imagine the scene: you’re in the hospital, gently holding your newly born baby girl and tears are welling up. Holding her in your hands you begin to realize how precious and delicate life really is and you discover an instant bond with a child who you will love and cherish until your dying days.
Or do you, eh? Maybe you don’t even like your daughter. Maybe she’s just an annoying sobbing weakling who you’re dying to give back to the nurse before heading home and putting your feet up.
The fact is, none of us out there will really know your true feelings, whether you even vaguely love that daughter, until you've hunted down an appropriate Facebook page that you can ‘Like’, thereby ensuring that your innermost feelings subsequently show up in our News Feeds.
Yes, there actually is a group on Facebook entitled ‘Like if you love your daughter’ and it’s comprised of over 140,000 of the world’s best parents. Meanwhile, ‘’Like if you love your son’ is the unassailable victor with over 190,000 ‘Likes’. What does this tell us? That 330,000 Facebook people are idiots – nothing more.
Why anyone feels the need to create such mind-bogglingly pointless groups is a mystery, yet the fact that hundreds of thousands of people feel the need – or perhaps even the pressure – to ‘Like’ them is the true mystery. Want to hear a few more crazy groups with staggeringly high ‘Likes’? Just nod your head and we can continue…
48,000 people have been suckered into clicking on ‘Join if you love your dad. Ignoring this means you don’t’. 1,300 ‘LOVE’ their dog. 270,000 have clicked ‘LIKE If You Love Jesus’ and – drum roll, please – 1.2 million of you lot out there joined ‘Click “like” if you love your kids!”
To put that into perspective, the latter is a Facebook page whose population is creeping up to match the entire population of Estonia. If that Eastern European nation ever decided to bring back child labor, they could potentially fight and lose a war against these good-intentioned Facebook mouth breathers.
The truth is that people will join any group that makes them feel better about themselves, and considering that it takes less than a second to ‘Like’ a page with its origins in Ahmedabad, India called: ‘Like this if you think Eminem is better than Justin Bieber’, they’ll do it.
In fact, Eminem IS better than Justin Bieber – 86,000+ people agree and there are only 71 people in the ‘Justin Bieber is better than Eminem’ camp. In other words, these pointless groups attract the easily amused and serve zero purpose whatsoever – unless you’re trying to ruin a 12-year-old girl’s day and you need statistical evidence to beat them in an argument.

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