Reason #23 - Posting song lyrics as a status message

Am I maybe being a little too picky or are redundant song lyric statuses purely for the creatively bankrupt or faux-intellectual? If you’ve ever stubbed your toe or fell over while running for the train, it seems as though in the minds of far too many, that’s the time to break out an inspirational line or two from a Nickelback track upon logging into Facebook.
This epidemic has gotten so out of hand that if you simply search online for ‘Song lyrics as status’, the top results you find will be puzzled teenagers beginning forum threads for the best song lyrics to suit their mood. That’s right, when the Facebook status bar explicitly asks users ‘What’s on your mind?’, before they fill out their latest status, some people actually have to consult complete strangers.
So why would someone post the lyrics of a song as a status? It’s because in their mind, it’s really ‘deep’ and forgoes the bluntness of actually explaining your mood. In any case, why bother explaining your mood when the ‘inspirational’ lyrics of a Top 40 song, completely out of context, can do that for you? Here are few extremely specific examples if you want to test it out on soon-to-be infuriated friends:

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” - The Temptations / My Girl:
Useful for when the weather is rubbish and you’ve found money down the back of the couch.

“I rep Young Money, you know slim Baby?” – Nicki Minaj / Bottom’s Up:
I have a pair of obviously never-used crisp dollar notes and my understanding baby has a slender physique.

“If I lay here, I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?” Snow Patrol / Chasing Cars:
I’m really hungover.

“I don’t want to see a ghost, it’s a sight that I fear most. Rather eat a piece of toast, watch the evening news” Des’ree/Life:
Sadly, I have never seen anyone use this exact lyric on Facebook, mainly because doing so would confirm that the person is indeed as crazy as Des’ree.

Perhaps the quoting of song lyrics on Facebook is the 21st century version of some berk espousing romantic poetry during courtship a few centuries past, only it's even more annoying and attention seeking.
I declare that this act should only be tolerated if the user in question either explains why this song reflects their mood in a post below, or at least has the temerity to fill their page solely with Des’ree lyrics before being taken away for psychological evaluation.
In conclusion, “I bought a new dog!” works as a status message because it’s what’s on your mind, while the new Rihanna tune doesn’t because it’s what’s on the radio instead.

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